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Helmut Illner

Helmut Illner is one of the most well-known and influence luthier in string instruments village at Erlanger, Germany. He was born in a string family and deeply affected by his grandfather, the famous contemporary masters of violin.

In the early sixty, the war had begun in Czech. In these uncertain circumstances, Helmut’s family desired to leave. Due to the rule of the government, refugee only could carry one luggage so each member was forced to bring part of the most useful gears to escape from their mother country to West Germany. As far as they concerned with the most valuable moulds, those were honorable to preserve the family tradition.

Although his childhood was hard, his sincere attitude and eternal faith for string instruments made him never giving up his career and chose to face it optimistically.

Helmut’s instrument had reached to be professional level when he was in middle-aged. His workshop industry was being more and more popular and people adore music. According to preserve his instrumental character and promote it, he created the Germany brand SIR, it had already been built up a great renown with the instrument industry and violin enthusiasts. Since then, he embarked the instrument workshop and the brand SIR on a world-class master styling.

" Manchester International Cello Festival” , was organized by The Royal Northern College in Manchester, it had been hailed as Europe's most authoritative Violin Maker Competition. As a result, Helmut defeated more than thirty competitors from different countries and won the "Best of Sound " Award in 1992. The following year, Helmut submitted another cello to participate in the same competition. Once again, he won the best cello tone Awards. Helmut is the first luthier who won twice in same competition.

Helmut worked with professional knowledge and passion so that is the key why he could create numerous brilliant instruments successfully. Helmut has an excellent reputation, there are many uncountable cellists worldwide visiting and asking him to make an unique cello personally.