Step 1

The carefully cut maple and spruce wood is air-dried 3-4 years under best conditions.

Step 2

Further storage in a wood-shed for 4-10years. The condition of the wood is regularly checked.

Step 3

The rough arching of a cello top is hand-carved.

Step 4

Here an upper rib is bent by hand.

Step 5

The F-hole-cutting has to be done with great devotion.

Step 6

The scroll is carved by hand and is a small work of art.

Step 7

Baroque ornaments are drawn here.

Step 8

These composed ornaments are engraved with much skill and with an artistic hand.

Step 9

Examination of the well-done carvings.

Step 10

The varnish by hand requires much knowledge and skill.

Illners' string instruments are expertly hand made and hand-varnished. The production depends especially on the quality of the wood. SIR instruments have an even, fine and well-balanced tonal quality.


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